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Common cable material quality problem

Source: Chuangxu Wire  Time: 2016/11/30 15:40:23

Wire and cable industry is "material heavy industry light industry, material costs accounted for about 65% ~ 85% of the product cost. Therefore, choose performance - price reasonable materials, ensure the quality of the materials into the factory, is to reduce the product cost, one of the important ways to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

Common material quality problem is as follows:

(1), copper rod: recycled miscellaneous copper manufacturing, surface oxidation discoloration, tension is not enough, roundness and so on.

(2), PVC plastic, impurities, more heat is unqualified, extrusion layer porosity, plasticizing hard, color is not straight, etc. Wire diameter is larger, insufficient shedding, galvanized zinc layer, short head, tension is not enough, and so on.

(3), described.properties insulation material: shorter scorch time and easy to early crosslinking, etc. Non-alkali rock cotton rope: the thickness is uneven, not enough tension, joint, easy to fall more powder, etc.

(4), silane crosslinking, bad extrusion temperature control, poor thermal stretching, rough surface, etc.

(5), the thickness of the copper strip: uneven, oxidation, discoloration, not enough tension, falbala, softening and partial hard, short head, in bad place, film, or zinc layer falls off, etc. Glass ribbon: thick, reel off raw silk from cocoons, density is small, mixed organic fiber, easy tear etc.

(6), heat sealing cap: size is not allowed, poor memory, long firing shrinkage, strength etc.

All landowners, PP filled rope: poor material, diameter of uneven, in bad place a knot in one's, etc. PE filling: hard, easy to break, radian is wrong, and so on.

Today, non-woven fabric: the thickness of the actual goods when wrong version, not enough tension, the width of the uneven and so on. Halogen-free flame retardant glue coating with: easy to break, with plate wrinkling, reel off raw silk from cocoons, flame retardancy, smoke, etc.

Pet-name ruby, PVC bag with: partial thick, not enough tension, short head, uneven thickness, etc. Fire-resistant mica tape: layering, not enough tension, sticky, reel wrinkling, etc.

Some materials manufacturers one-sided pursuit of lower costs, or blindly cater to the user demand requirements, churning out, cut corners, the material quality not use requirement, for wire and cable manufacturers caused direct economic losses, so return often happen, evasive, refused to pay, make both unhappy.

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