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Fiber optic attenuation and nonlinear effect has become a limit its long distance transport

Source: Chuangxu Wire  Time: 2016/11/30 15:42:19

In 100 g and 100 g era, with the development of coherent reception and DSP technology, optical fiber dispersion and polarization mode dispersion is no longer the light of long distance transmission main limiting factor, while fiber attenuation and nonlinear effects become main problems of restricting its long distance transport.

In order to improve the transmission distance of 400 g, reduce the fiber loss and improve the fiber effective area to become the most important way of solving the problem of optical fiber transmission. Corning has developed a minimum loss of 0.146 dB/km optical fiber, reach the minimum loss of 0.146 dB/km in 1560 nm, 1550 nm in the loss of 0.1467 dB/km.

Optical fiber manufacturer in China, such as yofc has issued the standard g. 652 / g. 654 specifications of the ultra-low loss, broke the foreign manufacturers monopoly on ultra low loss optical fiber, to further promote the mature industrial chain.

Yofc sheng-ya long r&d manager said: "low attenuation, large effective area fiber is supporting the next generation of the inevitable choice of high speed, long distance, large capacity transmission, can be used in ocean and land long-distance trunk network. Yofc research and development of this kind of optical fiber and has low attenuation value of 0.165 dB/km (typical) and large effective area (typical value is 110 mu m2) optical performance, can effectively reduce the power consumption, meet the requirements of fiber optic long-distance transmission."

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